CN to Cooperate with Top Lab on Autonomous Driving Technology Research and Development
2022-09-28 17:55:58

Today September 28, 2022, signed a strategic partnership with Guangdong Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy (Shenzhen), also known as Guangming Laboratory, to work on autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cooperative vehicle infrastructure (CVI). will also support cohorts of PhD researchers with autonomous driving and AI resources, research environments and industry expertise. We firmly believe this industry-university-research (IUR) collaboration will be constructive in pushing forward the development and broader applications of autonomous driving technology.

As a booming field of study, autonomous driving requires continuous study and innovative solutions to tackle challenges across all modules, such as computer vision, perception, mapping, simulation and planning and control. Engineers and developers are focused on developing advanced decision-making algorithms and systems that allow vehicles to perceive accurately and navigate safely without human intervention. It is of mutual interest for autonomous driving companies partnering with research institutes.

Guided by the goal of building Shenzhen into a national or even global mecca for artificial intelligence and digital economy research centers and industry, Guangming Laboratory is committed to researching foundational studies, theories and applications to possess independent intellectual property rights. Home to a team of high caliber talents, the Laboratory will also provide advice to universities, research centers and other organizations. With joint collaboration, we will work with the Laboratory to jointly publish white papers of autonomous driving, and promote Robotaxi deployment and other projects in Guangming District where the Laboratory is located.


The concerted efforts of the two organizations will tightly integrate research and real-scenario applications that advance autonomous driving and commercialization. The impact of autonomous driving technology goes beyond the economic front as in improving efficiency and road safety. It also has wide and profound social implications by offering accessible mobility to the disabled, minority and other groups.