DeepRoute IO Platform Unveiled at Beijing Auto Show, Featuring End-to-End Smart-Driving Model
2024-04-26 07:46:04, the leading artificial intelligence company specializing in developing smart driving solutions, kicked off 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition by debuting a brand new smart driving platform DeepRoute IO, highlighting end-to-end model and no dependency on high-definition maps. Empowered by DeepRoute IO platform, automakers will be able to deliver safer and more human-like smart driving experiences to consumers at a more accessible cost.


Equipped with 1 LiDAR, 11 cameras and one NVIDIA Orin SoC with 254 TOPs, the first mass-produced car excels in both assisted driving and automated parking. Leveraging standard navigation map, the vehicle achieves address-to-address navigation, maneuvering safely, efficiently and smoothly among the complex city and highway traffic scenarios. Initial projections indicate approximately 10,000 cars will enter consumer market, accumulating ever-growing data to further train and iterate the model for elevated smart driving experience.

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At a challenging six-way intersection with minimal visibility of lane lines, the vehicle demonstrates its capabilities by interpreting traffic signals, understanding right of way while negotiating with adjacent escooters, cyclists, and trolleys etc., and dynamically planning the trajectory based on real-time scenarios. The car drives by itself akin to a human driver, offering smooth and secure driving decisions.

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"Being the first in China to offer end-to-end model to the consumer market, we are delighted to demonstrate our technology vision and mass production expertise in the automotive industry," said Maxwell Zhou, CEO at, "We look forward to collaborating with automakers and partners on mass production of smart driving cars, revolutionizing future mobility and bringing new productivity to humanity.’’


In the aim of expediting mass production with automakers, DeepRoute has forged extensive partnerships within the automobile industry. These include deepened partnership with Tencent map to accelerate the adoption of DeepRoute solution, as well as IO platform’s compatibility with various chip providers from Qualcomm etc., providing versatile smart driving solutions for various car models.


Visitor are invited to explore booth at W4-W07 to experience firsthand the future of smart driving technology.