CN Collaborates with DEPPON LOGISTICS Co., LTD to Expedite Commercialization
2022-06-20 10:13:00 will collaborate with Deppon Logistics Co., Ltd, utilizing L4 autonomous driving technology to increase carrier capacity during June 18 mid-year promotion and onwards. This marks the first commercial deployment of autonomous driving medium-duty trucks in China and the cooperation will last a year. A few autonomous driving medium-duty trucks will be deployed starting on June 18 to ease carrier pressure during the mid-year sales. The autonomous driving trucks will dispatch packages from Shenzhen regional warehouse to three fulfillment centers in the early morning, then collect packages from centers to the warehouse by late evenings, completing the assigned daily task on time.



  • The Technology of Autonomous Driving Medium-Duty Trucks L4 autonomous driving medium-duty trucks are equipped with 5 cameras, 2 main LiDARs, 3 blind-spot short-range LiDARs, 1 millimeter wave radar and other sensors. The self-driving medium-duty trucks have been widely tested since the launch last September operating through morning and night peak hours to midnight. Such trucks can maneuver safely and efficiently among the complex urban traffic situations and are able to execute real-time decisions such as merging onto ramps, changing lanes, yielding, overtaking, or avoiding obstacles, etc.

Daily operations in urban scenarios continuously collect quality data to further improve the algorithms. The data loop of our L4 autonomous driving system can bring out optimal performance and guarantee safety and reliability.

  • The Commercialization of Autonomous Driving

June 18 or "6.18" is the second largest shopping festival in China. It is reported that the nationwide logistics industry handled over 6.5 billion packages from June 1 to 20 in 2021, featuring 400 million packages on the peak day. The influx of orders of such magnitude poses great challenges to the carriers to arrange vehicles and labor working overtime shifts, which is a golden opportunity for the deployment of autonomous driving trucks. Self-driving trucks can be broadly utilized in logistics distribution, ecommerce fulfillment, community group-buying, transit logistics, hub-to-store replenishment etc.

At, we build our own medium-duty truck fleet as well as collaborate with partners to operate truck fleets to beef up carriers capacity, bring scalable, sustainable and cost-effective B2B solutions to the market. The collaboration with Deppon Logistics Co. demonstrates the industry’s recognition and confidence of our technical and commercial advantages of autonomous driving operations.



  • Urban Logistics Refined

New levels of safety, efficiency and quality of urban logistics will be unlocked by self-driving medium-duty trucks. With the surge of ecommerce orders, increased operating costs and dangers caused by driver fatigue, the logistics sector is challenged to tackle these issues and beyond. Self-driving vehicles will operate normally amid pandemic, improve efficiency, obey traffic rules and driving etiquette defined by algorithms. With more carriers and partners infusing our cutting-edge autonomous driving technology into their business, we believe the urban logistics landscape will expand and become more invigorated.


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