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2023-01-12 11:42:07

Driver 2.0 solution will be elevated and enhanced with more energy efficiency and smart autonomous driving.

2022-12-30 14:15:13

Vice President of, Nianqiu Liu, delivered a keynote speech at APEC SME Business Forum on the topic of "Higher level autonomous vehicles in mass production, leading the autonomous driving industry to a faster reality."

2022-09-28 17:55:58 signed a strategic partnership with Guangdong Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy (Shenzhen), also known as Guangming Laboratory, to work on autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cooperative vehicle infrastructure (CVI)

2022-08-24 14:42:12

Microsoft Azure Cloud Service will Enhance Safety of Self-Driving Systems

2022-10-28 17:04:15 has built a standardized calibration center. With precision and consistency, the calibration of one vehicle only takes one minute.

2022-08-03 15:03:25 released a video exhibiting a driverless vehicle retrofitted with a production-ready L4 solution on Central Business District roads in Shenzhen, demonstrating its advanced capacity in complex and challenging traffic environments. This marks the first legalized driverless test in China as Shenzhen unveiled China's first regulation on intelligent connected vehicles on July 6, 2022.

2022-06-20 10:13:00

The first commercial deployment of autonomous driving medium-duty trucks in China.

2022-06-06 10:22:48

To achieve mass production of autonomous vehicles, we think there are 3 prerequisites: auto-grade sensors, chips and HD maps, all of which are powered by algorithm and toolchain.

2022-05-27 10:32:00

We believe autonomous vehicles can greatly push forward their comfort area to a broader space, and bring a wider array of lifestyles to them.